Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garage Sale: Part One

Today was our first garage sale of the season, and I think it went well. Vicky, Taylor, Zack, Tom, and I spent the day selling quite a bit of our donated stuff. We started at 9 am, though really we ended up starting around 8:15 because that's when we were setting up and we had a steady stream of people starting at that point.

The morning was very busy. We didn't even get half the stuff out until 10 or so because we were so busy selling away....and there was so much stuff to get out thanks to our lovely generous people that donated so much.

And the grand total for the day? $632.90! That was pretty good for our first sale. We also figured out a few things that we will change for next time that I think will make it even better. It was a very successful day for us.

Thank you to all who donated to the sale and to all who showed up to purchase things. We are very blessed people.

Our oldest "helping".

The baby was cheering us on!

My sister, Taylor, put a lot of effort into the entire process of the garage sale. She even made little rainbow pins for people to wear if they donated. They were very cute!

Tom refused to have his picture taken. I'm pretty sure he was just being silly.

More of that cheerful baby boy. I love his happy attitude. He is much nicer than his sister when he wakes up =).

Vicky also worked her buns off today. She was also kind enough to bring coffee for the crew this morning. That was greeted with joyful chorus.

Zack likes to pretend that he is a teenage boy that doesn't care, but he sat outside watching everyone all day. He was interested. He also helped with a lot of the preparations for today's sale.

Of course I don't have a picture of myself as usual, but I do have proof in the form of a sunburn that I was there. That's just a normal part of the photographer's life- no pictures of me.

If anyone is interested in helping with the next garage sale, we found that we really could use more hands. We would like to do our next sale on Friday and Saturday, but we will have to especially find people willing to help on the Friday. Just e-mail me at if you are interested in helping in that way.

Thanks again to all who were a part of making this first sale such a success. We still have more than half of what we started with this morning too!


  1. Next time, I'm snagging the camera so you have pictures of yourself (assuming I can figure out how to make the contraption work....)

  2. Lisa (Ana's new grandma)May 31, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    Just a note for everybody who may want to donate in the future...THE best selling items at the garage sale were clothing in womens sizes. No kidding...people were almost fighting over them!
    Amdrelyn's beloved auntie "DJ" gave us a whole lot of them in good condition and they were gone in a few hours.
    Any one who has clothing in womens sizes to donate we know they will sell quickly and would be greatful to get them.
    Thank you Paula (you know which Paula you are) for all you have done to help this effort you are one spcial lady:)