Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needles and the Paper Trail

Well, my needle quota for this child (Ana) is nearly finished. I will have to get some shots later, but I finished my medical testing where they draw blood and gave a TB test and all that jazz. I personally have a huge fear of needles, so it's good to have out of the way. Tom on the other hand handles it well.

How is it that he is the one that doesn't have an issue with needles, yet I am the one that has to be poked so often during pregnancy? At least with Ana we both have to get the same things done. This time it's even pain =).

So, as far as updates go, we have pretty much all of our paperwork done! We have a couple little blanks to fill in that we don't have info on for Ana, and we need copies of our passports and birth certificates. Those will come together in the mail in the next week or two we are hoping. When they come we will be sending in our I-600a and hopefully getting our completed homestudy soon after. Once we get approved on our I-600a we will send our dossier, which is nearly completed as stated above. Then it's wait again. I'd rather be waiting than rushing though. At least then I know it's in God timing and not waiting for me to get things done. I can procrastinate, but once it's out of my hands I know that things are going perfectly according to His plan and His will. And truly that's all that we desire, for her to come home in His perfect time.

That's all I have for now. Our next garage sale is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of this month, so if you would be in prayer for that to go well and be productive for us that would be great!


  1. Yay! It's great to have so much out of the way! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Good job on getting so much out of the way! I'll be linking to your blog from my Wellspring Hope blog, so if you ever go private, put me on the list!!!
    Lydia (adopting Tori)

  3. A memo from the Head of Research:

    I noticed on the State Dept website that they said that sometimes your passport will be mailed back separately from your "supporting documents" (i.e. birth certificate, expired passport). SO, if you get one and not the other, don't panic. They are sending the rest to you... just in a different envelope. (I guess maybe the state dept is trying to help the struggling postal dept out) :) Just didn't want you to worry!

    I'm proud of you for your needle-endurance for ALL your children! :)

  4. I placed your button for Ana's adoption on our blog. We sponsored Ana thru RR last December. We are so happy to see she will be joining your beautiful family. We live north of Bellingham, so it's always nice to see other western washington families! Blessings.