Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sanity. I want to keep it during this process and it seems this is achievable. You want to know how? Delegation.

I am so lucky to have such great support from family and friends that are willing to do what needs to be done. I have many things to do, and they could take over my life, but because of helpful people in my life I am not overwhelmed.

Special thanks to my Mom, Lisa. She is heading up the fund raising team. Does this mean that I am not extremely involved in that part of things? No sir. But she is the main go-to lady when it comes to all things fund raising. She is the head of that. That helps with stress big time.

Also thanks to Vicky. She is heading up the research department. There are so many things that I need to find out from day to day right now, it can be a lot at first. Can I do this paperwork yet? What do I need for that? Does such and such need to be a certified copy, or can that one be notarized? Lots of stuff. Usually I can figure it on my own, but if it's something that I am just getting hung up on I ask her to figure it out. She majored in European studies and has traveled way more than I ever hoped to (I do not like travel at all), so it's a good area to have her in.

So, my advice is to delegate anything that you can if you decide to go through the adoption process. Hopefully you are lucky like us and have a great support system that is filled with people that want something to do to help you. This ensures that I have time with my kids and still get to live a semi normal life until Ana gets home.

You guys are a blessing =).


  1. I love my job! It's the nerd in me that loves to find information. And if it involves adorable children like Ana and/or Europe, all the better. Whatever you need to know, I will trek to the ends of the earth to find it (or, ya know, the ends of the internet/ Eastern Europe). :)

  2. That's so great you have so many people helping you out!!! :) It will make the process so much easier!

  3. I am blown away by the donations of goods to sell at the garage sale! Wow! I am excited to see how it goes for the first sale. Sorry that I can't be there except for setup/cleanup (sniff) But... everything is priced and ready to go and your sister is making some cute ribbons o sell wih Ana's name on them. Hopefully they will help spread the word about our little fund raising effort.

  4. You are truly BLESSED to have such a support system. We had no one to delegate anything to during our adoption process. But ... God, in His faithfulness, helped us to accomplish what needed to be done.