Friday, June 19, 2009

Donated Hanging Flower Baskets!

Today we had an amazing surprise: Steve at Kent Nursery in Orting donated 100 hanging flower baskets! Truly amazing!

We will be selling them for $15 each hanging basket Saturday the 20th from 10a-4p or until we run out! They are a beautiful mix of flowers and normally retail for $30-$45 each!

You can find them at the same address the garage sales were located. If you need the address or directions simply comment or send an email to and I will respond as soon as possible with that information.

Below is the Kent Nursery information. Give this amazing company your business!

Kent Nursery Inc
15310 176th St E
Orting, WA 98360


  1. They're so pretty!!! What a generous donation!

  2. Today we sold a little more than half of our baskets, bringing us about $550.00 closer to our goal! Many people paid with a twenty and would not take change.
    We still have some left so we will sell tomorrow too but not all day like today.
    Thank you Scott Hawn, for all the help. You really know how to get things done! You too Zach, Brandon, Beth and Kyle.

  3. Those are gorgeous! What a wonderful thing they've donated! I wish I lived near you! Well, even the same continent I suppose would be a step in the right direction lol!

    Anyway, prayers for you all!

  4. The grand total for the weekend is $750.00 in flower basket sales!!!

    It started POURING rain so we packed it in...just after I watered each basket carefully mind you...of course!

  5. Wish I'd known! I was even in Puyallup on Saturday (working at the homeschool convention). I would have bought 4 of them. Sad!

    Praising the Lord for an amazing donation.


  6. Wow, didn't realize you lived so close! Praying for your fundraising! God Bless!